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【第一会所三周年庆】[法国/四级]一切为了娱乐 Tout Pour Le Plaisir

电影海报电影大小:821m电影格式:mp4电影简介:The misadventures of three women in the same apartment block. After being disappointed with a boyfriend who wants her to whip him and having a lesbian fling with a schoolfriend, Joelle (Maryline Guillaume) finally manages to lose her viriginity with her teacher, Hector, but they are dicovered by her father and she is kicked out of their apartment.Martine (Carole Gire) is dissatisfied with her husband and seeks pleasure elsewhere, for example with her friend (Dolores Manta and her husband). Martine’s husband finally leaves her.电影预览电影链接  第一部分  第二部分   下载完,请把mkv格式改为rar才能解压播放,解压密码:sanyangzhuzhu [ 本帖最后由 三洋猪猪 于 2014-9-10 19:15 编辑 ] 本帖最近评分记录 tsbufan 金币 +20 三周年庆双倍奖励 2014-9-13 16:07看看是不是值得看啊 本帖最近评分记录 fgdtry 金币 -